Why Use CAD Drafting to Design a Commercial HVAC System?

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Commercial HVAC systems can be complex. They have to be more robust than domestic systems. They might have to cover a greater area, sometimes over more than one floor.

The design stage is important here. You need to create an effective system that works in your space. It has to deliver all your HVAC needs without being too expensive to run.

It helps to use CAD drafting during your design stage. Why?

Get Full Design Layouts

If you use CAD drafting services to draw up your HVAC plans, then you get a full range of useful plans. For example, you can draw up 2D schematic drawings of the system.

These plans show how everything fits together. They will be a useful aid for your contractors when you order and install the system down the line.

You can also have these plans set up in 3D. This gives you a more real-world view of how the HVAC system will fit in its space and how it will look.

While 2D plans are technically useful, it's hard to visualise the system from them; 3D plans make this easy. You can also manipulate these plans to see the system from all angles.

Spot Mistakes Early

If you make a mistake during the HVAC planning process, then you could run into time-consuming and expensive problems. However, you might not notice that something is wrong until you start to build the system.

If you draw up CAD plans, then you reduce possible errors. You can use your drawings, either in 2D or 3D, to check the configuration of the build. You can make sure that everything fits together as it should and that you haven't missed anything out.

If you do happen to find a mistake, then this is an easy fix. Your CAD specialist can simply tweak the plans to put things right. Any changes you make on one set of plans can be set up to automatically update on others.

Harness Business Information Modelling Advantages

While it's important to build an HVAC system that fits into your space and that delivers the heating, ventilation and cooling services you need, you should also make sure that the system is as efficient as possible. An efficient HVAC system costs less to run.

If you use CAD drafting services, then you can use your designs to run business information modelling tests. These tests give you data on HVAC load and performance. If you have areas of inefficiency, you can tweak your designs to make the system more effective.

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