4 Reasons to Choose Laser Cutting Over CNC Cutting

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Both laser cutting and CNC machine cutting methods use a computer to control the way cuts are made. However, laser cutting uses a high-powered laser to make those impressions. CNC cutting still uses the physical tools and bits used in manual cutting methods, just without the human factor. 

Both options can work well, but laser cutting does offer several compelling benefits over CNC cutting. Here are just four.

1. Superior Accuracy

Probably the most compelling reason to choose laser cutting over CNC cutting is that the former offers far greater precision. While CNC cutting is still more precise than many other fabrication methods, it cannot cut as finely as a laser. As such, laser cutting will generally be recommended over CNC cutting if you need to create more complex or intricate designs. Laser cutting will also be the better choice for applications where even minor imperfections can have a major impact on the final product.

2. Clean Finish

One effect of using a laser for cutting is that it burns edges as it cuts. This might not sound like a good thing, but it means that the edges are always sealed and clean. This adds to the functionality of the finished product while improving its appearance. This means that parts manufactured using laser cutting will not require any polishing. In contrast, parts made using CNC machining will often need to be finished or polished.

3. No Markings

When a laser is used instead of conventional bits and tools, there's no physical contact with the material being cut. This means it's impossible for laser cutting to produce any chips or accidental markings. In contrast, such accidental markings are relatively common when conventional CNC cutters are used since hard tools must come in contact with the material. When those imperfections are made, you'll need to wait for the order to be repaired or simply done from scratch.

4. Faster Turnaround 

Even if CNC machining doesn't produce any accidental markings, it's unlikely to be as fast as laser cutting. When you opt for laser cutting, you'll benefit from a fabrication method with a much faster processing speed. This is partly because of how fast the laser can cut and partly due to its ability to cut through the majority of materials with a single pass, whereas CNC machines usually require multiple passes. In fact, laser cutting can often fabricate materials at close to double the speed of a CNC machine.

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