Shipping Crates for Your Business Needs: Do You Know What Suits You?

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The success of your business depends on how on well you meet your customer's needs. That means having the right products available as per your customer's demands. The pricing should also be fair for both of you so that the customer doesn't feel robbed while you still enjoy a reasonable profit margin. Certainly, all these factors tie into sourcing good quality products and transporting them to your retail facility. If it means shipping them from another state or country, don't worry, because you can always get shipping crates for the job. Here are the different kinds of shipping crates to help you determine what suits your business.

Plastic Crates

Plastic crates are a good place to start your search. They are popular because of the versatility they bring to the table, allowing you have different crates for shipping various items. Your range of plastic crates includes the following:

  1. Standard plastic crates — Standard plastic crates come in regular polygon shapes. They have a robust built with perforations that allow you to see through to the inside of the crate. Standard plastic crates are usable in different industries, including pharmaceutical, retail and logistics. It is worth noting that they are suitable for moisture and chemical resistant applications, and you can customise the crates to your preferred colour, prints and fabrication.
  2. Foldable plastic crates — It helps to get creative when you are short on space. Do you know a better way than going for foldable plastic crates? Certainly not. These crates come with a lightweight packaging design that folds into sheets when you don't need to use them. They are also an ideal option for those who deal with low-weight items.
  3. Nestable plastic crates — These shipping crates suit people in the agricultural, textile and fisheries industries. Nestable crates stack into one another for better space utilisation. There is an option to attach and detach a lid, depending on the product you are shipping.

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates offer a sustainable, eco-friendly shipping experience. They are suitable for transporting items such as hay, cotton and polythene. When you want a complete enclosure of your items, wooden sheathed crates will suffice and offer the protection that your items need. The sheathed crates also suit shipments that will take several weeks or months to reach the intended destination.

Metal Pet Carriers

Are you in the pet business? Well, you might be wondering about the type of crates that will suit your delivery needs. Metal pet crates have breathable edges and damage proof panels that will contain the animal while keeping it comfortable.

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