3 Things to Know about Timber Skids versus Pallets

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If you are new to wood pallet upcycling and DIY projects, you may come across the terms timber skids and timber pallets. Though they sound like they would be the same, there are some major differences between the two items. In fact, these differences may greatly impact the DIY project you have in mind. Before you buy or order timber skids or pallets for upcycled projects, there are a few things you need to know about the differences between the two.

Skids as a Foundation

The primary use of timber skids is to work as a permanent or semi-permanent foundation for machinery. This means they can take on a much heavier load than most timber pallets. They are also used for heavy hauling on transport vehicles. Skids are generally a solid piece of timber or other material. The main difference between a skid and a timber pallet is that the timber skids do not have a bottom deck like a pallet would have.

Skid Decks versus Pallet Decks

When you buy a timber pallet you will find there are several types of decks available. There are two-way decks, four-way decks and nesting decks. This is not the case with a timber skid. A timber skid is a single deck and used as a loading platform. Where the timber pallet can nestle and rest on its own while bearing the load weight, a timber skid will need to have a nesting pedestal. Keep in mind, this nesting pedestal is generally attached or built into the skid deck.

Custom Timber Skids

You may find that buying a timber skid requires custom work. The reason for this is that timber pallets have become more common in the last several decades. Timber skids were used primarily during World War II for moving large equipment and military items. If you specifically want a skid for your project, as a foundation for example, then you may need to order them directly from the manufacturer. You will need to know the size and specific measurements to place your order.

These are three of the main differences between timber skids and timber pallets. Before buying either, you will need to decide exactly what you need for your project. You may find that using a skid as the base and the pallets for the rest of the project will work for your needs. If you are ready to order, contact your local pallet and skid manufacturer for pricing and details.