Why You Should Adopt Laser Cutting for Your Business Needs

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Laser cutting is a relatively new method, futuristic in some quarters even, that cuts metals and other materials using laser beams. The process of laser cutting is predominantly used in the industrial and manufacturing industry to cut structural and piping metals as well as flat sheets of metal. The laser – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation – cuts through metals by either blowing, burning or melting the surface being cut.

There are various benefits your business can accrue from using laser beams in your daily operations. When compared to other methods of cutting metal, here is why laser cutting will always come out on top.

  • Laser Cutting is more precise

The beams used in laser cutting machines offer greater precision and accuracy compared to other alternatives used to cut materials. Lasers also deliver greater consistency from end to end and an overall cleaner cut.

  • Laser Cutting is more economical.

Laser cutting comes with many cost savings throughout the production process. Unlike mechanical cutting, the parts of a laser cutter do not blur from frequent use. Accordingly, there will be no need to replace or sharpen the cutting components. Greater accuracy of the beam ensures there is less wastage of material too.

  • Faster Production

Laser cutting is a significantly faster process when compared to mechanical cutting. Accordingly, use of laser cutters in your business over the mechanical cutting options available will make the production quicker and more efficient. Additionally, laser cutting is more automated and requires minimal human intervention to operate. The process is, thus, less prone to human error.

  • Reduced Contamination

The precision provided by a laser cut over traditional cutting techniques offers reduced contamination of products that need cutting. Custom lasers offer burr-free cuts and reduce the need to smooth over the cuts before proceeding to use the metals.

The Laser Cutting Types Available

There are three main options when it comes to laser cutting. Firstly, "The CO2" laser is commonly used to cut, engrave or bore into surfaces. When higher energy is required, "The Nd" would be a better edition for your cutting needs but only with low cutting repetitions. "Nd-YAG" laser cutting is the third option and is most useful for work that needs high power requirements.

Are you looking to scale up manufacturing capacity in your business?  Professional laser cutting will help you achieve this while still keeping operational costs down. The results will, also, be more pleasing and of higher quality.