3 Ways TPV Santoprene Is Used in Your Home and What to Know

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There are few homeowners who know what TPV santoprene is and how it may affect their home. In fact, even fewer may be aware of how the material is used throughout the home and what they need to know about the various home applications. Here are three places TPV santoprene may be found in your home, what you need to know about it as it relates to each area, and if there are any issues you should know about with this material.

Household Appliances

Household appliances contain injected forms of TPV santoprene. You may automatically think of refrigerators and freezers. What you may not consider is that it used in washing machines as well as dryers, dishwashers, and even floor care options. You will primarily find it in seals, washers and padding in floors. If your appliance ruptures or breaks, you may see the TPV santoprene appear. It will not cause a hazardous issues, so you do not need to be concerned about health issues. If the TPV santoprene appears due to a break or crack, you will need to have a professional repair technician repair the damage and inject replacement TPV santoprene to refill the area safely.

Electrical Wiring and Components

TPV santoprene can be found in electrical wiring and components throughout your home. The reason you will find it used in your cabling, wires, electrical cords and USB cables is to offer a waterproof layer over the electrical components. This is a protective layer in case the wire is cracked due to overuse or damage. This layer of TPV santoprene will help prevent electrical shocks and possible fires or shortages due to exposure to damp air or water. Keep in mind, if the cable and components are damaged, you will need to have them replaced completely as the TPV santoprene can't be replaced in the components.

Home Building Materials

One of the more common areas to find TPV santoprene is in home building materials. There are some companies that are now using TPV santoprene or a mixture of TPV santoprene and another material as a foundation injection or cement injection repair option. The material can help to fill cracks that may have occurred to water damage or other related issues. It can also be found as an insulation material in window frames, door frames and around roofing.

These are just three of the ways TPV santoprene can be used throughout your home. If you have any questions about the use of this material, or if you are considering having the material used in home repairs, contact your local contractor. They can help you with questions and with consultations regarding TPV santoprene as a home building material.