Why a Perspex Table Is Right for Your Home

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You are likely familiar with perspex signs that can be fitted to office doors, but perspex can do so much more than that. Perspex is a wonderfully versatile material with many applications, and it can be used to make everything from medical equipment to picture frames or even motorcycle windshields.

The strong yet lightweight nature of perspex acrylic has made it the material of choice for many products that are taken for granted every day, yet one item of furniture that you might not associate with perspex is the humble table. Tables have traditionally been wooden, and perhaps more recently metal. Glass-topped tables have been a feature for many years, but the idea of making an entire table from perspex is a relatively recent concept. Why choose a perspex for your home? Here are four great reasons you may not have considered:

High gloss finish

Nothing looks better in your home than a shiny, highly polished table. It offers a look of elegance and style that is hard to beat. Why opt for a wooden table that requires endless polishing to make it gleam? With a perspex table, an occasional wipe to remove the dust is all that is required. Perspex can have a natural high-gloss finish so you can achieve an attractive look with the minimum of effort.

Great colour choice

No longer must you choose between a light wood table or a dark wood table. With perspex, you can have a table in almost any colour you can imagine. Perspex tables can be created in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit the decoration of any home or office.

Hard-wearing surface

Unlike some materials which fade or can become damaged when exposed to the weather, perspex is both hard wearing and weather resistant. Choosing a perspex table will allow you to use it under a much wider range of conditions than might be the case with a wooden or metal table.

Shatterproof design

The modern, contemporary design and the attractive appearance of a perspex table are obvious. What may not be immediately obvious is that perspex tables are shatterproof. If you own a glass-topped table, you will understand the importance of treating it with care in case you damage the glass. Perspex gives you the same attractive appearance as glass without the danger of chipping or breaking it.

Choose a perspex table for your home or office and enjoy modern style and the convenience of a hard-wearing table in a colour of your choice.