5 Ways to Make Your PVC Strip Curtains More Efficient

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A PVC strip door is ideal for improving efficiency around busy cool rooms, walk-in fridges and similar spaces. Strip curtains prevent warm air from getting into those spaces and cool air from leaking out of them. However, there are key things you can do to improve the efficiency of the strip curtains:

1. Insist on Overlapping Strips

The most effective strip door curtains feature overlapping strips. The overlaps prevent air from sneaking in or out around the edges of the strips. Most curtains are designed this way, but you should always double check the design to make sure it's overlapping before you order.

2. Look for a Thick Gauge of PVC

Thicker strips will insulate your cool room, fridge or freezer more effectively than thin strips. Make sure that you look for the thickest gauge you can find. Also, see if the company rates the efficiency of their strips. Some PVC curtains are designed to be more effective in super cold areas while others are better for cool rooms to help at moderate temperatures.

3. Use Strips With a Door

PVC curtains can serve as the only door to your cool room or freezer, but if you are concerned about efficiency, you should also use them in conjunction with a door. Keep the door closed when the entry is not in use, but then, when you need to be in and out of the area, you can keep the door open and just rely on the PVC curtains for insulation.

To really boost insulation, you may want to combine an automatic door with a PVC curtain. Then, the door opens as needed and closes immediately, but the curtains are still there, insulating the area while the door is open.

4. Replace Strips When They Wear Out

When strips start to wear out, they won't have as much efficiency as new strips. Air will be able to get through holes, and thinning plastic won't insulate the space as effectively. Monitor strips regularly for signs of damage, and replace them as needed. In most cases, you can just replace a single damaged strip. You don't have to replace the whole curtain.

5. Look for Strips With Reinforcements

To prevent your PVC strips from wearing down prematurely, you may want to invest in strips with nylon reinforcements. In particular, that safeguards against elongation and helps the strips last longer. Ribs can also help. They make the strips thicker, which improves insulation. They also make the strips more resistant to handling, which improves their lifespan.

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