How to Select an Installation Site for Your Water Tank

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Are you wondering about where you should install the underground water tank that you want to buy for your rural home? Read on and discover some of the places that you should avoid when choosing an installation site for that tank.

Consider Distance

You should ensure that there is a sufficient set back distance between where you install your water storage tank and any septic field on your property or near your property. For instance, you can install the tank at least 50-feet away from the nearest septic field. This distance will limit the likelihood that the water in your tank will be contaminated by the sewage in the septic field.

Another possible source of contamination for your water is the chemicals that may be stored in the vicinity. Some water tank materials may not have high levels of chemical resistance. Any chemical that gets in contact with the tank (chemicals that spill onto the soil near the tank, for example) can easily leach through the tank and contaminate the water. The tank itself may also be destroyed by those chemicals. It is therefore wise to select a site that is as far away as possible from any storage site for chemicals.

Consider Trees on Your Property

Different species of trees have different sizes and spread of roots. You should avoid installing your tank close to trees that have an extensive network of large roots. This is because the tree roots can eventually grow and damage the tank when they try to break through it in order to absorb the water that it contains. Alternatively, you can remove those trees in case you are unable to find another suitable installation site.

Avoiding Getting too Close to Animal Pens and Corals

Your water tank shouldn't be installed in the vicinity of animal pens and corals. Such locations can be the source of contamination in several ways. For example, animal urine and droppings can leak into the water tank in case the tank is damaged. This can cause the water to develop a foul odor. Secondly, microorganisms that are haboured in animal urine and droppings can pose a health threat to the people using the water stored in the tank.

As you can see, what you should avoid when selecting an installation site for your water tank may be as important as what you should look for in an ideal installation site. You should therefore gather as much information as possible about possible installation sites so that you place your tank where it will not be exposed to any source of contamination. To learn more, contact services that conduct water tank installation.