A Few Tips on How to Choose the Right Sign for Your Storefront

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The sign you use for your storefront can make a tremendous difference for your business; a good sign can draw in foot traffic and create business for you, whereas a poor-quality sign can cause people to overlook your business. Note a few tips for choosing the right sign for your storefront so you know you make the best decision for your business and that your sign will work to help increase your company's visitors and, in turn, its profits.


Of course visibility is very important when choosing a sign, but consider some important details about visibility that are easy to overlook. If you opt for a fabric sign on a flagpole, will the sign flap in the wind and become unreadable? Are the colours so similar and so pale that direct sunlight causes them to fade so they can't even be seen? Will sunlight reflect off the material and create a mirrored look, so that the lettering disappears? Can the sign material and lettering be seen over or around obstacles such as trucks in a lot, landscaping trees, streetlamps, and so on? Keep all these points in mind when choosing a sign that must be visible to passersby.


Fabric signs can be somewhat durable, but the colour of lettering might fade over time, and the fabric itself may eventually get frayed or worn when exposed to the elements. Etched glass can also be very durable, or you might opt for painted glass for something more affordable; note, however, that the paint will need regular touch-ups over time, so be sure to consider that cost. Etched lettering in metal or plexiglass is often the most durable option.


Consider how the sign will be illuminated; neon is a favourite choice, but neon gas may need recharging over time, especially if the sign is ever damaged. Lighting the sign from below can be good for night-time, but this may not help if the sign is hit with direct sunlight and fades from view during the day; overhead lighting that helps block out that sunlight can be better.

Consider, too, the size of the illumination, as choosing an undersized lighting fixture can result in not having the entire sign visible from the road or sidewalk. Opt for a large light fixture that is set even a few meters or feet away from the sign lettering to ensure all those letters are brightly illuminated and visible.